This is the city where, in 1143, Portugal was born as an independent and free kingdom from what we now call Spain.

Afonso I, was the first king after battling against his own mother (daughter of Afonso VI – king of Leão e Castela).

The classical architecture is very present in this city that still preserves its past and ancient glory.

The monuments, streets, houses and traditional commercial buildings are very beautiful and the people are very friendly and welcoming.

Portugal first

It’s been a year since I started to travel throughout Portugal.

I recently remarried and my husband who lived in US for the past 36 years was eager to rediscover his home country.

We decided to start our travels in the north and the city of Guimarães was the first one we visited together.

We also have a passion  for photography and it’s been so much fun to see and photograph all the beauty our country has to offer.

Hope you’ll enjoy this journey as much as us.

Travel dreams

As far as I remember, I always dreamt about traveling.

My hometown seemed so small compared to all the wonderlands I saw on my childhood story books and later on history and geography manuals.

I was amazed by all the beauty in our world.

I wanted to explore. See new landscapes, meet new people, new languages, new food… all the things that seemed so distant, appealing and fascinating to me.

First I wanted to discover the ancient civilizations: go to Greece, Italy, Egypt… Of course, at that time I was under the influence of my History classes at school.

But those same dreams remain until today on my bucket list.

One city, one country at a time I will get there!