A lifetime affair

I know this city from a young age. My little sister was born there and the first memories I have is leaving my mom at the maternity and how inconsolable I felt as my dad and I took the train back to our hometown.

Yes. I felt so sad and for years I didn’t like the city.

It always seemed to me very old and somber.

But I grew up and my opinions and feelings changed.

Love Porto!

I fell in love with its art, architecture and history.

Porto has tons of all that and much more to offer to those who visit it.

It’s a must see city in the world, not just in Portugal.


Strong affection

Aveiro was one of those cities that I had been to only once and I knew very little.

Last year I got to discover the city properly and I was blown away!

First I was under the charm of the Costa Nova houses. The colorful facades with stripes of blue, yellow, red, green… took my breath away and I couldn’t stop taking photos of them.

All so beautiful! It seemed like a new world I had never seen before!

I fell in love with the city and since then I went there several times and still want to go many more.

I found out a city that has awesome things to discover and each time I go there I return home wanting to have stayed there a little (lot) more!


Aveiro is one of my favourite cities, known as the Venice of Portugal.

Located near the Atlantic Ocean, this city is famous for several reasons. Here’s a few if you decide to visit it:

. Natural lagoons

. System of canals with boats (moliceiros) similar to Venetian gondolas 

. Elegant architecture from the Art Nouveau period

. A famous pastry: ovos moles – made of egg yolks

. Its picturesque streets

. The beaches: Praia da BarraPraia da Costa Nova (with its famous typical houses of striped colors facades)

What I love most is the city’s atmosphere, open to the canals, go to Praia da Costa Nova to enjoy its dunes, sit on a terrace and have a nice cup of coffee.